You’ve written the best book you can, checked your facts and double checked your spelling. There will be lots of mistakes! When you’ve lived with a project for a long time, you can become ‘blind’ to such mistakes, not spotting them until they’re in print. The wrong caption, the wrong picture, inconsistent spelling, poor grammar, lack of punctuation… The copy editing process involves an independent party checking through your manuscript to look for such things and correct them. This ensures that your manuscript is of the highest quality (and you also get to approve any changes made before publication). Our quotation lists the cost of Syngeus’ in house editorial team undertaking a copy edit on your behalf, should you wish to take up this service.It takes skill and experience to read and critically assess a new manuscript, and it is a time consuming process. We ensure that critical assessments are entirely unbiased and of a suitably high quality. As an author you have the assurance that we are not going to tell you how fantastic your manuscript is just so that you will publish it with us.

In-depth editing also takes skill and time, and invariably an editor working closely with an author will improve a manuscript for publication. Editing can be time-consuming, and thus costly, and is best undertaken by an experienced literary editor.

See our Pricing Guide for an indication of what it is likely to cost to have your work professionally published.