Literary Agent

Marketing and publicity are a part of publishing a book that many authors overlook; perhaps they are daunted by the prospect of “selling” their book, or perhaps they simply don’t know how. The books trade undoubtedly has complex distribution and sales systems which can appear to be impenetrable from the outside. If you’re serious about getting your book onto the shelves and selling more than a few copies, it’s this part of the process that should demand your attention, even before the book has been printed. This includes book trade marketing to bookshops and wholesalers, media / public relations organisations offering regionally targeted marketing as well as social media and ebook marketing services.

What we (or anyone else) cannot do is guarantee sales of your book, we may be distributing your book, but by the same measure, someone also has to buy!

When we have initially reviewed your Manuscript we will be frank, unbiased and realistic about the chances of your book reaching a wide market, before we undertake any work on your behalf.

Marketing and Publicity (Sales Agency)

We can identify and initially engage with an appropriate Literary Agent. Whether you are publishing your book using “print on demand”, ePublishing or you’re printing large numbers for wholesale or retail stock, your Agent promotes your books into a crowded market so that they stand the best chance of selling.

Each Literary Agent assignment is unique, and we can offer to broker the negotiations between Authors and potential Agents…please contact us for a discussion of your requirements.