Author Websites

Just having a Facebook page isn’t enoug
Readers want more from their authors than a Facebook page. They want more information and more interaction. With your own website you can deliver more of what your audience craves. More importantly, you control the content. You control the look and feel. You control the e-commerce. In short, with your own website, you can create a home that can act as the centre for all your online marketing efforts.

We can create your home on the web
Your author website should be the centre of all your online marketing efforts. Create a place free of the clutter, distractions and limitations of social networking sites. Instead, use social sites to send traffic to your very own web space, where you have complete control.

The typical package includes:

  • Registration of your Domain
  • A free eMail Account
  • Design, Creation and Maintenance of your website in a central CMS (Content Management System)
  • Carrying out content audits and expert reviews
  • User research and testing
  • User interface design
  • Advising on Search Engine Optimisation

The website building and management service does not include:

  • Updating of website content
  • Development or maintenance of websites using any technology other than the central CMS and/or standard HTML/PHP
  • Website Development Tool Support (DreamWeaver, RapidWeaver, Joomla, WordPress)
  • HTML email template advice
  • Social media advice

Numerous suppliers of web-related services are available so why choose Syngeus ?

  • We understand how Publishing operates so we can instantly understand your requirements
  • We provide a centrally-managed Content Management Service with all our website services
  • Our free support does not end when the website is launched
  • Our prices are very competitive and are considerably less than commercial agencies

As an indication only,

  • a Domain (i.e. cost about £10 per year
  • a simple 5 page website is likely to cost approximately £80 to design and build
  • a website needs to be hosted by a Service Provider who typically charge approximately £35 per year

Do you know what you want ? Download our Author Website Questionnaire

Each Website Design Assignment is individually price-quoted…please contact us for a discussion of your requirements.